[Rd] Wishlist: Writing R Extensions suggestions RE: [R] vague errors on R CMD check for very minimal S4-style package (PR#8944)

Steven.Roels at mpi.com Steven.Roels at mpi.com
Wed Jun 7 14:11:41 CEST 2006

Ah yes. There they are right on page 4 of "Writing R Extensions".

The "LazyLoad: yes" was sufficient to avoid the check errors, but I'll
add the "Depends: methods" as well.

For the manual-impaired like me, it _may_ be worth reiterating these two
requirements in section 1.6.6 "Name spaces with formal classes and
methods" - right where the .onLoad requirement is mentioned.  

Also, at may be worth mentioning in "Writing R Extensions" that the
stats4 package can serve as a template/example for S4-style packages (at
least a quick search for "stats4" didn't find anything there or in the

Thanks to you both.


>This is an S4-using package but missing a dependence on 'methods'.
>To run R CMD check the package has to load under minimal conditions,
>> library(foo)
>should work.  'methods' is quite expensive to load, and so is only used
>checking if explicitly requested.

>> Try adding LazyLoad: yes to DESCRIPTION (or SaveImage: yes).
>Depends: methods
>Package stats4 is provided in part as an example of a small S4-using
>package for people to copy.

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