[Rd] Unexpected difference in Bounding Box of PDF graphics between 2.3.1p and 2.4 (PR#9070)

Wolfgang Huber huber at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 14:47:44 CEST 2006

Dear Prof Ripley,

> There is no such thing as '2.4', 

Can we forward this information to the author of "sessionInfo()",
"version", and R's welcome message, this is where I took that from.

nor does PDF have a bounding box!

Yup, sorry for my imprecise language, I don't understand much of PDF,
just noted the different appearance of the plots.

Thanks for the quick fix (and all the other contributions), this really

Best wishes
 Wolfgang Huber

Wolfgang Huber  EBI/EMBL  Cambridge UK  http://www.ebi.ac.uk/huber

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