[Rd] problem with batch mode (PR#9062)

tenney at cse.wustl.edu tenney at cse.wustl.edu
Wed Jul 5 20:35:32 CEST 2006

I have a perl script that constructs some large R script files and  
runs R in batch mode with the R scripts.  It seems to work ok for a  
while then starts throwing errors like this whenever I try to run R  
in batch mode:

/usr/lib64/R/bin/BATCH: line 52:  7875 Broken pipe             ( echo  
"invisible(options(echo = TRUE))"; cat ${in}; echo ''; echo "proc.time 
()" )
       7876 Segmentation fault      | ${R_HOME}/bin/R ${opts} $ 
{R_BATCH_OPTIONS} >${out} 2>&1

I have had the same problem on the linux and osX versions of R.  Is  
this a known bug?


Aaron Tenney

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