[Rd] Classes and methods

Sebastien Durand sebastien.durand at umontreal.ca
Wed Jul 5 00:10:50 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I have constructed a fairly large package and I 
wish to improve my code through the used of 
adapted classes and methods.

1- Is it a good idea to use S4 methods and classes ?
e.g.: "setClass", "setMethod" and so forth ....

>From what I have read it seems so!

I have ordered J.M. Chambers book  "programming 
with data, 1998" and I have read a very short and 
well writen document 13p. long entitled : Classes 
and Methods in the S Language, 2001.

These documents are old, but based on R help 
definition .Rd files are obviously important 

2- I hope I am still on the wright track... if not please let me know...

Unfortunately, it will take two to six weeks 
before I receive the manual I have ordered.

3- Is there any other relevant and downloadable 
document out there that I could read meanwhile to 
improve my R skill using object-oriented 


Sébastien Durand

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