[Rd] Package Unit Testing

miguel manese jjonphl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 23:59:06 CEST 2006

Thanks to both of you. I found it in some obscure paragraph  (or maybe
I haven't read good enough, because after reading a couple of
paragraphs you'd think you got it already and skip the remaining) on
chapter 1, creating packages, about directory structure and on R CMD

M. Manese

On 7/3/06, Martin Maechler <maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch> wrote:
> >>>>> "miguel" == miguel manese <jjonphl at gmail.com>
> >>>>>     on Mon, 3 Jul 2006 09:43:12 +0800 writes:
>     miguel> Hello, Do we have like an official unit testing
>     miguel> framework for packages? Like we do R CMD check, and
>     miguel> say the scripts in <pkg>/test are executed?
> yes.  Just it's  "./tests",  not './test'.
> More specifically, all ./tests/*.R are executed and for those
> foobar.R for which there's a  foobar.Rout.save  file,
> the output is (R CMD Rdiff)ed agains the result of running foobar.R
> All this should be pretty obvious from the manual
> "Writing R Extensions".
> What was it in there that was not clear enough?
>     miguel> Or do we roll out our own outside the package?
> Some people use the 'RUnit' package in addition or -- unfortunately --
> alternatively to the "official" testing procedures via the
> "./tests" directory.
> Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich

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