[Rd] Provide both shlib and standard versions of R?

Bo Peng ben.bob at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 07:45:52 CET 2006

> then either build your own with correct options or talk to your
> distribution's packaging team.

It seems that my knowledge about this option is outdated.  When I
first encountered this problem two years ago, the R/rpm distribution
came with no libR.so. I was told that --enable-R-shlib would lead to
10% - 20% performance loss, and I had to re-compile R if I need to
embed it.

So I guess performance is no longer an issue and shared libraries are
provided as default on all platforms now? I certainly welcome this
change and I apologize for my unfounded accusation to R.

BTW, shouldn't --enable-R-shlib be yes by default during ./configure?.


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