[Rd] Minor Windows clipboard issue

gordon smith gordon at optopia.net
Thu Apr 27 22:10:11 CEST 2006


I have a small problem in Windows RGui using Remote Desktop when the 
clipboard paste menu item becomes unexpectedly disabled.

I'm using Remote Desktop to connect from a Windows 2000 workstation 
client to RGui running on Windows Server 2003. After text is pasted to 
RGui from the client a couple of times, the "Edit : Paste" menu item 
becomes disabled when data should be available from the clipboard. 
Pasting of clipboard contents is disabled at that time for a local 
Notepad also. The paste menu item is re-enabled when the following happens:

   1. Cut/copy from a local application (remote paste remains disabled 
when attempted again).
   2. Disconnect and reconnect the remote desktop connection (remote 
paste becomes enabled).

A simple workaround is to paste into Notepad on the remote host, then 
cut/copy from the local Notepad into RGui.

I haven't located any useful material, but VNC and/or eclipse may also 
have (had) this problem.

I can't locate the VNC item.

 > version

platform i386-pc-mingw32
arch     i386          
os       mingw32       
system   i386, mingw32 
major    2             
minor    2.1           
year     2005          
month    12            
day      20            
svn rev  36812         
language R

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