[Rd] calling fortran from C

James Bullard bullard at berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 20 16:44:28 CEST 2005

Hello, I had a question about calling some of R's fortran routines from C.  
Specifically, I would like to call: dqrfit from some C code which will be  
bundled as an R package. I was hoping someone knew of an example in some  
of R's code which does something like this (any fortran call from R's C  
would probably be a sufficient guide). So far I can only find locations  
where R calls the Fortran directly, but this is not an option for me.

Also, I am trying to gauge the overhead of making this call, does anyone  
have any knowledge of whether there might be some non-trivial constant  
time penalty on making such a call.

Thanks in advance, Jim

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