[Rd] Post processing need for installing packages in rpms.

Martyn Plummer plummer at iarc.fr
Tue Oct 11 17:44:19 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 13:11 +0100, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, [UTF-8] José Matos wrote:
> > Hello,        I maintain some packages in Fedora Extras for R related modules.
> >        Until R 2.2.0 I used for post processing (both after installing andremoving the package) the following lines:
> > %{_bindir}/R CMD perl %{_libdir}/R/share/perl/build-help.pl --htmllistscat %{_libdir}/R/library/*/CONTENTS > %{_libdir}/R/doc/html/search/index.txt
> >        Typically %{_bindir} is /usr/bin and %{_libdir} is /usr/lib or/usr/lib64
> >        The purpose of those lines is to enable the access to the moduledocumentation from R help. The first refers to html and the second to thetext help variant.
> >        With R 2.2.0 build-help.pl no longer has the --htmllists option. Isthere any easy replacement, or is there any other method to achieve the sameresults?
> It is no longer needed: the information is now built by R at runtime.
> >        FWIW, I have searched trough the release notes as well as through thedocumentation for sys admins and for package developers without anysuccess.
> For an outsider it might not be obvious that the NEWS entry
>      o   R_HOME/doc/html/packages.html is now remade by R not Perl code.
>          This may result in small changes in layout and a change in
>          encoding (to UTF-8 where supported).
> refers to this.  (Note that build-help.pl --htmllists was never documented 
> as part of R's API.)
> I checked Martyn Plummer's R.spec on CRAN, but that is out-of-date. 
> Please look at the R.spec in his current SRPM, which works for me.

Sorry about that.  I had forgotten that I put a lone spec file in there.
I have removed it, since it seems likely that I will do the same thing
in the future.

The perl hack used to be required because rpmbuild installs R in a build
root which is different from the final installation directory. The
reason you don't see an error message from the post install script is
because it is redirected to /dev/null. I'll fix this in the next


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