[Rd] Post processing need for installing packages in rpms.

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 11 14:11:48 CEST 2005

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, [UTF-8] José Matos wrote:

> Hello,        I maintain some packages in Fedora Extras for R related modules.
>        Until R 2.2.0 I used for post processing (both after installing andremoving the package) the following lines:
> %{_bindir}/R CMD perl %{_libdir}/R/share/perl/build-help.pl --htmllistscat %{_libdir}/R/library/*/CONTENTS > %{_libdir}/R/doc/html/search/index.txt
>        Typically %{_bindir} is /usr/bin and %{_libdir} is /usr/lib or/usr/lib64
>        The purpose of those lines is to enable the access to the moduledocumentation from R help. The first refers to html and the second to thetext help variant.
>        With R 2.2.0 build-help.pl no longer has the --htmllists option. Isthere any easy replacement, or is there any other method to achieve the sameresults?

It is no longer needed: the information is now built by R at runtime.

>        FWIW, I have searched trough the release notes as well as through thedocumentation for sys admins and for package developers without anysuccess.

For an outsider it might not be obvious that the NEWS entry

     o   R_HOME/doc/html/packages.html is now remade by R not Perl code.
         This may result in small changes in layout and a change in
         encoding (to UTF-8 where supported).

refers to this.  (Note that build-help.pl --htmllists was never documented 
as part of R's API.)

I checked Martyn Plummer's R.spec on CRAN, but that is out-of-date. 
Please look at the R.spec in his current SRPM, which works for me.

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