[Rd] NAMESPACE, S4, and .onLoad

Paul Roebuck roebuck at mdanderson.org
Mon Nov 21 23:10:35 CET 2005

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Seth Falcon wrote:

> The Writing R Extensions manual instructs developers who use S4
> classes and methods in a package with a name space to:
>     There needs to be an .onLoad action to ensure that the methods package
>     is loaded and attached:
>          .onLoad <- function(lib, pkg) require(methods)
> I'm wondering if listing methods in the Depends field of the package's
> DESCRIPTION file is sufficient.  My understanding is that doing so
> will result in the methods package being loaded and attached.

Using DCF Depends provides same service and better documents
the external dependency. The manual should reflect this.

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