[Rd] Typo in isR.Rd (PR#8310)

Weigand.Stephen@mayo.edu Weigand.Stephen at mayo.edu
Mon Nov 14 23:28:49 CET 2005

In reading ?is.R, I noticed what appears to be a typo.

The "diff -u" output based on R-devel downloaded today
vs. a possible change is below.

Thank you,


--- ./src/library/base/man/isR.Rd       Tue Jul 20 11:46:24 2004
+++ /tmp/isR.Rd Mon Nov 14 16:13:27 2005
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
   The function has been written such as to correctly run in all versions
   of \R, S and S-PLUS.
   In order for code to be runnable in both \R and S dialects, either
-  your the code must define \code{is.R} or use it as
+  the code must define \code{is.R} or use it as
   \code{if (exists("is.R") && is.function(is.R) && is.R()) \{}\cr
   \code{    }\emph{\#\# R-specific code}\cr

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