[Rd] useR! 2006: submission & registration started!

Torsten Hothorn Torsten.Hothorn at rzmail.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Nov 9 09:02:15 CET 2005

We are happy to inform you that the online abstract submission and
registration for `useR! 2006' is now available online from

This second world meeting of the R user community will take place at
the Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien, Vienna, Austria, June 15 to 17 2006.
The conference schedule comprises keynote lectures and user-contributed
sessions as well as half-day tutorials presented by R experts on June 14,
2006, prior to the conference.

Keynote lectures addressing hot topics including data mining, graphics,
marketing or teaching with R will be presented by prominent speakers
including John Chambers, Jan de Leeuw, Brian Everitt, Travor Hastie, John
Fox, Stefano Iacus, Uwe Ligges, Paul Murrell, Peter Rossi, Simon Urbanek
and Sanford Weisberg.

The spectrum of user-contributed sessions will depend on your submissions.
Hence, we invite you to submit abstracts on topics presenting innovations
or exciting applications of R. The call for papers along with the link to
the online abstract submission is available at

Before the start of the official program, half-day tutorials will be
offered on Wednesday, June 14th, a list of topics and speakers can be
found at

A special highlight of the conference will be a panel discussion on
`Getting recognition for excellence in computational statistics'. Editors
of well established journals in both computational and applied statistics
will discuss the impact of recent developments in computational statistics
on peer-reviewed journal publications. Currently, the panelists include
Jan de Leeuw (JSS), Brian Everitt (SMMR), Wolfgang Haerdle (CS), Nicholas
Jewell (SMGMB), Erricos Konthogiorges (CSDA), and Luke Tierney (JCGS).

Early birds fly until January 31st 2006, so now is the perfect time to
write and submit an abstract, register as a participant and plan your trip
to Vienna. The conference web page
has a link to a local hotel booking service and much more news.

See you in Vienna!
Torsten, Achim, David, Bettina, Kurt and Fritz

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