[Rd] Brainstorm: Alpha and Beta testing of R versions

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Mon Nov 7 18:34:08 CET 2005

   My most common problem with the bug reporting system
is distinguishing between bugs and my own stupidity
or confusion.  So I post to the r-devel list to ask;
even when there is a response, I may then
fail to get around to submitting the bug report itself ...
I know R-core doesn't want the bug list cluttered up with
non-bugs, but this two-step process often gets in the way of
my filing potential bugs.
   (I realize this is straying fairly far from the "alpha/beta
testing" topic to a more general discussion of bug reporting
etc. etc.)
   The main reason I fail to do alpha/beta checking is
that I like to keep using the same version of R as my classes
are currently using, and I haven't yet gone to the trouble of 
maintaining different versions on my system.

   [did anyone have any thoughts on my  4 Nov query about
errors vs warnings in dgamma?]

     Ben Bolker

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