[Rd] R 2.1 and gfortran

Brian D Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri May 20 14:28:59 CEST 2005

The reasons why it is not there *are* in the R-admin manual.  This was
deliberate: we do not include known broken tools in the searches.

Once gcc-4.0.1 is released and commonly used it will be safe to add it,
but not before. (That will most likely be for R-2.2.x, not R-2.1.x.) For
example, the current gfortran in FC3 is pre-4.0.0 and does not work (and
cannot be made to work on AMD64), and Simon Urbanek found an Apple version
of 4.0.0 that did not work.

On Fri, 20 May 2005, Bill Northcott wrote:

>  From the configure output of the latest devel snapshot:
> > checking for g77... no
> > checking for f77... no
> > checking for xlf... no
> > checking for frt... no
> > checking for pgf77... no
> > checking for fl32... no
> > checking for af77... no
> > checking for fort77... no
> > checking for f90... no
> > checking for xlf90... no
> > checking for pgf90... no
> > checking for epcf90... no
> > checking for f95... no
> > checking for fort... no
> > checking for xlf95... no
> > checking for lf95... no
> > checking for g95... no
> > checking for fc... fc
> The Fortran compiler in gcc-4.0 defaults to the name 'gfortran'.
> Other packages such as Octave seem to check for that.
> Just to suggest that gfortran should be added to the list of possible
> compilers.
> As a footnote I have built R 2.1 on MacOS X using a compiler built
> from very recent Apple cvs sources, with patches from the gfortran
> cvs code up to 18th May.  This binary passes all the tests.

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