[Rd] Typo(s) in proc.time.Rd and comment about ?proc.time (PR#8091)

Weigand.Stephen@mayo.edu Weigand.Stephen at mayo.edu
Wed Aug 24 18:10:14 CEST 2005

I just downloaded the file


and within proc.time.Rd, the second paragraph of the \value
section contains a typo:

 The resolution of the times will be system-specific; it is common for
 them to be recorded to of the order of 1/100 second, and elapsed [...]
I'd say replacing "to of" with just "of" would grammatically
fix the sentence.

Second, the \note{} section for Unix-like machines reads:

 It is possible to compile \R without support for \code{proc.time},
 when the function will throw an error.

I believe this is ungrammatical and suggest replacing 
"when the function will throw an error" with "in which 
case the function will throw an error".

Finally, my comment about ?proc.time is that if across 
platforms the returned value is in seconds, then it might 
be helpful to readers if this were noted explicitly in the 
first paragraph of \value{}.

My suggestion is in brackets:

 A numeric vector of length 5, containing the user, system, and
 total elapsed times [in seconds] for the currently running R 
 process [...]

Thank you,


Stephen Weigand
Division of Biostatistics
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Phone (507) 266-1650, fax 284-9542

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