[Rd] An lgrind definition for the S language

Douglas Bates dmbates at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 19:57:20 CEST 2005

I seem to recall discussion of an language definition file for S for
use with the lgrind utility but I can't find any trace of it in an R
Site Search.  The lgrind utility takes a file of code in a particular
programming language and prepares it for "pretty printing" in LaTeX. 
In my version the available language definitions are

$ lgrind -s
When specifying a language case is insignificant. You can use the
name of the language, or, where available, one of the synonyms in
parantheses. Thus the following are legal and mark Tcl/Tk, Pascal
and Fortran input, respectively:
   lgrind -ltcl/tk ...
   lgrind -lpaSCAL ...
   lgrind -lf ...
The list of languages currently available in your lgrindef file:
    Ada                               MLisp  (Emacs Mock Lisp)
    Asm                               SML/NJ  (ML)
    Asm68                             Scheme  (scm)
    BASIC                             model
    Batch  (bat)                      Modula2  (mod2, m2)
    C                                 Pascal  (pas, p, bp)
    C++  (CC)                         PERL  (pl)
    csh                               PostScript  (ps)
    FORTRAN  (f77, f)                 PROLOG
    Gnuplot                           Python  (py)
    Icon                              RATFOR
    IDL                               RLaB
    ISP                               Russell
    Java                              SAS
    Kimwitu++  (kimw)                 SDL
    LaTeX                             sh
    LDL                               SICStus
    Lex                               src
    Linda                             SQL
    make                              Tcl/Tk  (tcl, tk)
    MASM                              VisualBasic  (vbasic)
    MATLAB                            VMSasm
    Mercury                           yacc  (y)

Does anyone know of a similar facility for S code?

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