[Rd] Different gcc versions

Göran Broström gb at stat.umu.se
Sat Aug 20 13:54:20 CEST 2005

I have both gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0(.1) installed on my system 
(debian-amd64 unstable), with links /usr/bin/gcc, g77, etc. to
the 3.4 versions. When I build R, the 3.4 version is picked up, 
which is fine.

However, when I 'install.packages("xyz")', R uses gcc-4.0 and
gfortran-4.0! Should I accept this or do something about it?
And if so, what? Of course, removing all 4.0 versions would 
help, but what if I don't want to do that?

 > version
platform x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
arch     x86_64
os       linux-gnu
system   x86_64, linux-gnu
major    2
minor    1.1
year     2005
month    06
day      20
language R
Göran Broström                    tel: +46 90 786 5223
Department of Statistics          fax: +46 90 786 6614
Umeå University                   http://www.stat.umu.se/~goran.brostrom/
SE-90187 Umeå, Sweden             e-mail: gb at stat.umu.se

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