[Rd] small typo in "An Introduction to R"

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I am not sure if this is the right place to report a small typo in one of
the manuals.  It is not really a bug, is it?.

In any case, at the end of section 11.6.2 (the glm() function) in the
Quasi-likelihhod models subsection there is an example of using the glm
procedure to fit a particular nonlinear model, which involves model
reparametrization.  The typo is in the definition of the second variable.
It should be x_2 = -1/z_1 and not x_2 = -1/x_1.  This appears in two places
in the R-intro.texi file in both the R-patched and the R-devel.
Fortunately the file diffs are the same for both versions:

< x_1 = z_2/z_1, x_2 = -1/z_1, beta_1 = 1/theta_1, and beta_2 =
> x_1 = z_2/z_1, x_2 = -1/x_1, beta_1 = 1/theta_1, and beta_2 =
< $x_1 = z_2/z_1$, $x_2=-1/z_1$, $\beta_1=1/\theta_1$ and
> $x_1 = z_2/z_1$, $x_2=-1/x_1$, $\beta_1=1/\theta_1$ and

Hope this helps,


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