[Rd] call fortran in R

Sébastien Durand sebastien.durand at UMontreal.CA
Thu Aug 4 17:05:40 CEST 2005


Dear all,

I have state previously, I am using mac os X tiger on a g5, using the  
last version of R 2.1.1

When I type in the terminal

nm -g ~/Desktop/Fortan_kmeans/kmeans3.so
nm /Users/sebas/Desktop/Fortan_kmeans/kmeans3.so | grep ' T '

Nothing appears on my screen

When I type

nm  ~/Desktop/Fortan_kmeans/kmeans3.so

this is what I get:

00000fe0 t __dyld_func_lookup
00000000 t __mh_bundle_header
00001000 d dyld__mh_bundle_header
00001008 s dyld_func_lookup_pointer
00001004 s dyld_lazy_symbol_binding_entry_point
00000fb0 t dyld_stub_binding_helper

By the way, yes I have tried
     is.loaded("wrapper") ?
And is always return FALSE


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