[Rd] problems with R-2.01 build with Mandrake 10.1

Halldor Björnsson halldor at vedur.is
Mon Nov 29 11:54:18 CET 2004

I  recently installed Mandrake 10.1 on my laptop, downloaded
the latest version of R, compiled it and ran it.

To my surprise I discovered that the X11() command returned
an error to the effect that X was not available.
Examining R config.log I noticed that there were several
complaints about X and tcl in there. Basic include files, such as 
X11/X.h were not found.

I have previously compiled R-2.0.1 on a RedHat8 station
and that one ran without any problems.

Does anyone know if there is an issue pertaining to
X windows system that might make harder to compile R on
mandrake than on redhat. Are there any specific rpms that
need to be included before I can compile R so it includes X

I understand that Mandrake 10.1 uses Xorg instead of XFree86,
but am  under the impression that these are compatible.

Halldor Bjornsson   (halldor at vedur.is)
Vedurstofa Islands (Icelandic Met. Office)
Bustadavegur 9, IS-150, Reykjavik, Iceland

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