(PR#7393) Re: [Rd] dhyper() does not allow non-integer values for

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Nov 24 18:32:15 CET 2004

tlumley at u.washington.edu writes:

> >
> > dhyper() does not allow non-integer values for input parameters m and n.
> >
> > this is in contrast to the other functions in the _hyper() "family",
> I would argue that the bug was in the other functions. If not, there is a=
> =20
> bug in the documentation, which gives no way to tell what the result=20
> should mean for non-integer m, n, k.

My initial reaction too (and surely it is not a bug that functions
behave inconsistently in regions where they are not documented to work
at all), but on the other hand, noninteger m,n do appear to give a
well-defined distribution, and perhaps there's a way of making sense
of it? I wouldn't think it corresponds to noncentral hypergeometric

>  =09-thomas
(who is suddenly coming across in quoted-unreadable?)

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