[Rd] TeXmacs and R 2.0.0

M. Edward Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Sun Nov 21 20:54:54 CET 2004

I have encountered an issue with TeXmacs and R 2.0.0, and I've found a
somewhat unsatisfying workaround. My apologies if this is old news to
the R-Devel list.

TeXmacs has the ability to start up an R session and copy the session
input and output into a working document. The way it does this involves
starting R and executing

> library(TeXmacs,lib.loc="/usr/share/TeXmacs/plugins/r/r/")

in the R session. The library was built with R 1.7.1, and hence will not
work with R 2.0.0 or later.

The workaround is (as "root"):

1. Edit


and remove the line at the bottom that starts with "Built:"

2. Type

   R CMD build --force TeXmacs

3. Type

   R CMD INSTALL -l `pwd` TeXmacs_0.1.tar.gz

My question is this: do I actually need to do the INSTALL, or is the
build, followed by deleting the built package, enough? I've passed what
I know so far on to the TeXmacs team; eventually they will incorporate
some cleaner fix into their code, but I have no idea exactly how that
will work, since they need to be able to work with older versions of R
as well.

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