[Rd] Re: [R] Redirect standard input and output of R

Paul Roebuck roebuck at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu
Thu Nov 18 11:04:35 CET 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Victor Robles wrote:

> I'm trying to write a C program that write to the standard input of R
> and read the standard output. I can perfectly read the R output, but
> I'm not able of writing anything to R.
> [SNIP C code]

Several years ago, I wrote some software that used S-plus as its
back-end and Java for the front-end. I found what worked best was
to add a pseudoterminal inbetween; you can use the code from
"UNIX Programming Environment" to create one. The solution was
later reused when a similar project used R for its back-end.

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