[Rd] Building Packages on Windows using .Rbuildignore

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Wed Nov 17 20:05:16 CET 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 18:10:20 +0000 (UTC), Gabor Grothendieck
<ggrothendieck at myway.com> wrote :

>I have some questions about building packages in Windows 
>when using .Rbuildignore .  The part of the process that
>is of interest here is the part that creates the source
>tree from the tree that contains the .Rbuildignore file.
>That is, the part of the process that does a build of
>the original tree creating a .tar.gz and then extracts
>this file into a source directory that can be used by
>check, build --binary and install.
>1. makefiles
>I was developing some batch files for myself using R CMD ...
>but then noticed the Windows makefiles.
>- Do the makefiles take into account the situation above?
>- If so, do I need to do anything special to use them this way?

I don't think I understand exactly what you're asking.  

>2. configure.win
>Also I noticed reference to configure.win in the Extensions
>manual and am not sure if that can be used to address this.
>I tried creating a one line configure.win which just does
>an echo of a fixed string "echo XYZ" but I did not see XYZ
>during my R CMD install.
>- Is configure.win supposed to be written using Windows batch commands
>  or UNIX-like commands?

It is run under "sh", not the standard Windows interpreter, so

I just tried it with "Rcmd install", and I did see the message echoed.
I didn't see it for "Rcmd build", because that doesn't build the
package, it just puts it in a tarball, but "Rcmd build --binary" does
run it.

>- where does it go.  (I tried putting it in the same directory as
>  my DESCRIPTION file.)

It should be in the same directory as DESCRIPTION.

>- is it a suitable device for handling the .Rbuildignore issue?

What's the issue exactly?

Duncan Murdoch

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