[Rd] bug in methods' 'initialize' (or the functions called in turn) ?

Laurent Gautier lgautier at altern.org
Wed Nov 17 21:37:46 CET 2004


I experience a very strange behaviour when trying to instanciate a S4 
class. A call like 'r <- new("MyClass", foo="bar")' returns apparently 
cleanly, but in fact a subsequent use of 'r' results in a 'r does not 
exist error message'. After a bit of hunting with 'debug', it seems that
the bug is in 'initialize' (or one of the functions it calls in turn).
All this while using R-devel from Nov. 16th (R-2.0.1-devel).

I did manage to make a simple example to reproduce the bug, but to do so 
one needs few packages from the bioconductor project. If this is not yet 
know and one shows interest, I can provide the few lines of code needed 
to reproduce it.


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