[Rd] is.vector() gives error (PR#7288)

Jeffrey Horner jeff.horner at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Nov 11 22:34:35 CET 2004

Jeffrey Horner wrote:

> Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> [...]
>> The other possibility is that you're tickling a low-level, system
>> dependent bug in the evaluator. Can anyone reproduce this?
> I'm running up against this when embedding libR.so into apache2. 
> Whenever I call Rf_initEmbeddedR(), I get the following message:
> Error in lazyLoadDBfetch(key, datafile, compressed, envhook) :
>         recursive default argument reference a
> [...]

This was due to Rf_initEmbeddedR() being called more than once, which 
was not supposed to happen.

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