[Rd] Row labels are skewed in 'heatmap' (PR#7358)

pfh at cbs.dtu.dk pfh at cbs.dtu.dk
Thu Nov 11 14:01:23 CET 2004

Full_Name: Peter Fischer Hallin
Version: Version 1.8.1
OS: Irix64
Submission from: (NULL) (

I've made a script look like this:
 exp <- read.table("graph/1933672048.cluster.data")
 exp <- as.matrix(exp) 

The row labels on the output PostScript file are skewed vertically downwards -
in fact more than the height of 2 rows! I have roughly 200 rows and 4 columns in
my dataset. It is therefor very difficult to see which label goes to which row

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