[Rd] Additions to the datasets package?

John Maindonald john.maindonald at anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 10 10:57:58 CET 2004

I have posted, at http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~john/r/newsets/
image (.rda) files, and first stabs at .Rd files for various data on
deaths in London from 1629 to 1939.  (There are of course gaps.)
The sources (Guy 1882 & Stocks 1942) are documented in the
.Rd files:
(1) poxetc: measles, smallpox & total deaths: 1629-1881
[I have deliberately left several inconsistencies that were
in Guy's published data.]
(2) measles: 1629-1939 [This includes the measles data from (1)]
(3) whooping cough; 1740-1881.

I had been planning to add these data to the DAAG package.
I wonder however there is interest in adding them to the
datasets package, as they seem to me data that may be of wide
interest.  Is that package now seen as closed to further additions,
or will additions continue from time to time?

There are a few other datasets in the same directory that anyone
interested is welcome to check out.
John Maindonald.

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