[Rd] install/build/build --binary

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Sat Nov 6 20:22:33 CET 2004

Liaw, Andy <andy_liaw <at> merck.com> writes:

: > From: Gabor Grothendieck
: > 
: > I have question regarding package installation.
: > 
: > What is the difference between check, INSTALL, build and 
: > build --binary, which imply which and what order does one
: > normally perform them?  I have been trying:
: > 
: > R CMD build /mypackage
: > R CMD check /mypackage
: > R CMD build --binary /mypackage
: > 
: > in that order but wanted to check that this is right. 
: Here's my understanding:
: R CMD build and R CMD check are nearly orthogonal.  R CMD build simply
: create the .tar.gz using the version info in the DESCRIPTION file.  The only
: part that's not orthogonal between the two (at least on Windows) is that R
: CMD build --binary first install the package in a temporary directory and
: then zip it up.
: I would do:
: 1. R CMD INSTALL -l testdir mypkg, and start R, load the package and try it
: out a bit.

Thanks.  This was quite useful.  I used the above line with the --no-lazy
switch and this allowed me to install it without crashing.  I still
have not figured out why it crashes otherwise but now that I can run
it I am on my way.

: 2. R CMD check mypkg.  Make corrections as needed.
: 3. R CMD build mypkg (or add the --binary flag) for distribution.
: I believe R-exts has some explanations.

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