[Rd] 2.0.1 buglets

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Thu Nov 4 21:46:10 CET 2004

With R-2.0.1 (patched)  on Linux rhlinux 2.4.21-4.ELsmp

when I configure get
checking whether C runtime needs -D__NO_MATH_INLINES... no
checking for xmkmf... /usr/bin/X11/xmkmf
Usage: which [options] [--] programname [...]
Options: --version, -[vV] Print version and exit successfully.
         --help,          Print this help and exit successfully.
         --skip-dot       Skip directories in PATH that start with a dot.

but everything seems to configure and make ok. Should this message be 
expect or is this a bug?

 Also, I think "R CMD config --version" still has a bug, or a least it 
does not report what I would expect:

~/toolchain/R/src/R-beta:bin/R CMD config --version
R configuration information retrieval script 1.3

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Paul Gilbert

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