[Rd] 2.0.1 countdown

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Thu Nov 4 16:47:05 CET 2004

"M. Edward Borasky" <znmeb at cesmail.net> writes:

[Cc-ing r-devel, hope you won't mind]

> 1. Should we download the "devel" or the "patched" tarballs?

The beta tarballs. Follow the link from the front page on CRAN. It
wasn't in place when I wrote the note, but now points to


The snapshot directory at


should also have them once a minor configuration wrinkle has been
ironed out. At that point we might want to get rid of the
base-prerelease directory.

> 2. Is there a Windows build of the "devel" or "patched" release
> available?

There might be, but Duncan Murdoch is master of that domain.

> 3. The only two "unusual" platforms I have access to are Athlon T-Bird
> and Athlon XP. I have a P3 as well, but that seems vanilla. All are
> running Gentoo Linux and the XP is also running Windows. On the Linux
> side, I run with Atlas 3.6.0.
> I also have a P4 at work, running Windows XP and Gentoo Linux. And if I
> beg the right folks, I can get a Tru64 4.0f system, although that will
> need to be done off-hours, since there aren't any "living" projects tied
> to it.

"Usual" platforms break too, but of course there's a limit to how
often you want to exercise basically equivalent features of
essentially the same systems.


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