[Rd] barplot manpage (PR#7331)

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 3 15:55:55 CET 2004

Here is a change I made to the matrix.Rd file...

<     \code{list} of length 2 giving the row and column names
>     \code{list} of length 2.}
< # Example of setting row and column names
< data <- matrix(c(16522,34057,40949,
<                  19924,46032,55185),
<                nrow=2, ncol=3,
<                byrow=TRUE,
<                dimnames = list(
<                  c('PDB','MSD'),
<                  c('Entry','Chain','Domain')
<                  )
<                )

I also tried to create some instructions here...


(which you must feel free to edit (you can delete it entirly if you

All the best,

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Liaw, Andy wrote:

>> From: Tony Plate
>> At Tuesday 10:00 AM 11/2/2004, Dan Bolser wrote:
>> >Would you mind telling me how to get at the documentation 
>> source code?
>> Download and unpack the source, then look for the appropriate .Rd 
>> file.  For example, in my copy of the source for R-1.9.1 
>> (old, don't work 
>> with this!), I find 
>> C:\R\R-1.9.1\src\library\graphics\man\barplot.Rd  (If 
>> this is not the appropriate source file, someone please say so!)
>Starting with R-2.0.0, the Windows binary installer has an option for
>installing the Rd files for at least R itself (not sure about recommended
>packages), I believe exactly for the purpose that users can submit suggested
>> >Is there a - how to change the documentation document? ( I 
>> will make one
>> >if you give me some instructions....
>> I don't think such a document exists, but I'm not the person 
>> to help with this.
>The `Writing R Extensions' manual has a section on how to write the Rd file.
>I'm not sure how one would write a document that describes how to change a
>Rd file...
>> >I guess I can just edit a copy of the source and diff the 
>> original and
>> >send the diff ?
>> Again, a member of R-core who might actually vet the changes 
>> and put them 
>> into the repository would be the appropriate one to comment on this.
>> Previous topics with the subject "Help Documentation" (which 
>> got filed with 
>> bug report numbers 6713, 6716, and 6717) also address this 
>> issue. (these 
>> appeared in March 2004).
>When I find typos in the documentation, I just post them to R-devel.  R Core
>has been very responsive to such posts.
>> -- Tony Plate
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