[Rd] WARNING (PR#7334)

filter at ipbs.fr filter at ipbs.fr
Tue Nov 2 12:30:54 CET 2004

IPBS Postmaster refuse some attachement: 
*.hta, *.cmd, *.zip, *.rar, *.chm, *.scr, *.dll, *.exe, *.pif, *.bat, *.com, *.vbs, *.vba, *.cpl, *.HTA, *.RAR, *.CHM, *.SCR, *.DLL, *.EXE, *.PIF, *.BAT, *.COM, *.VBS, *.VBA, *.ZIP, *.CMD, *.CPL, 
 IPBS Postmaster has refused "document.ZIP in the mail 
From: r-bugs at r-project.org 
To: laurent.bardi at ipbs.fr 
Subject: Re: my word document 
Your mail has not been delivered
Try to rename the file attached and send it again

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