[Rd] Reproducible Rterm crash. (PR#7072)

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat Jul 10 05:14:07 CEST 2004

Deepayan Sarkar:
> This will give you non-empty panels, but not different angles of 
> rotation. This is because panel.wireframe doesn't handle screen, the 
> top-level function (wireframe) does. There's no good reason for this 
> behavior, so I'll fix it. But since this would be an API change, I 
> don't think I should do it in a stable update. I can send you a patched 
> version privately if you wish.

I named the arguments as you suggested and now the panels are filled.  As you noted,
they all show the same rotation.

Please send me the revised wireframe and panel.wireframe with the rotation moved
down into the panel.  Thank you.

Can you clarify the statement "stable update".  I think this means (I hope that is what
it means) that you will make the change in 1.9.2, but not in any intermediate release.

My book will be out August 1---and available at the JSM in Toronto where I am doing
a short course---and I am now systematically going through every example to make them
all work in R.  They all currently work in S-Plus and most of them currently work in R.
I want them all to work by August 1.  A private copy of the functions, with the assurance
that they will be public soon, satisfies my needs.


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