[Rd] fedora core 2 + bitmap() + ghostscript (PR#7062)

Piers.Dunstan at csiro.au Piers.Dunstan at csiro.au
Wed Jul 7 02:01:47 CEST 2004

Hi all,
	A bug popped up recently when I upgraded to fedora core 2 (from core
1).  Whenever I used the bitmap() function, ghostscript complained that
it couldn't handle png or tiff devices.  This was NOT a bug with R.  It
was with the version of ghostscript shipped with core 2.  Going to
rawhide and getting ghostscript 7.07-29 (core 2 comes with 7.07-25)
solved this problem.

Unfortunately, I have no output to demonstrate this problem as I FINALLY
managed to fix it, and there's no way I going back :)

Thanks  Piers

Dr Piers Dunstan
Marine Research
Hobart, Tasmania

Ph: 613 6232 5382
Email: Piers.Dunstan at csiro.au


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