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SUDAAN Information Autoresponder sudaan at rti.org
Tue Jan 27 23:50:05 MET 2004

Thank you for contacting the SUDAAN Statistical Software Center at Research
Triangle Institute.  Our hours are Monday-Friday,  9:00AM to 4:00PM Eastern
Standard Time.  We will respond to your request as soon as possible.  This
response will be via fax, e-mail or by phone.  

What's New at the SUDAAN Statistical Software Center?

SUDAAN 8.0.2 is now available!  Visit our web site at
http://www.rti.org/sudaan <http://www.rti.org/sudaan>  to learn more about
this exciting release.

What's new?
The latest news and information about SUDAAN 8.0.2 can be found at
<http://www.rti.org/sudaan/whatsNewhome.cfm> .

Online Ordering
SUDAAN is proud to announce that both current and new SUDAAN customers are
now able to purchase or renew their SUDAAN license online as well as order
additional licenses and printed copies of the new SUDAAN user's manual.
Place your order at https://sudaanorders.rti.org/
<https://sudaanorders.rti.org/> .

SUDAAN Training
SUDAAN offers Basic Training Courses throughout the year.  We are happy to
announce the following training schedule for the 2004 year:

March 1-3		Research Triangle Park, NC
April 7-9		Washington, DC
May 10-12		Research Triangle Park, NC
July 12-14		Research Triangle Park, NC
August 18-20		Washington, DC
September 13-15	Washington, DC

To learn more about our courses and register, please visit us at
<http://www.rti.org/sudaan/sudaanTrainHome.cfm> .

SUDAAN and Statistical Consulting Services
SUDAAN and Research Triangle Institute are proud to offer SUDAAN and
Statistical Consulting Services.  This recently developed program was
developed to enable our staff of over 100 statisticians to easily offer
timely and responsive SUDAAN and statistical consulting services for both
short term and long term requests.  
Please visit
<http://www.rti.org/sudaan/home2.cfm?file=sudaanConsultingServices.html>  to
learn more about this new service.  

Technical Assistance
The SUDAAN team offers technical assistance during business hours
Monday-Friday.  If you have a technical question, please visit our
Frequently Asked Questions site at
<http://www.rti.org/sudaan/sudaanTechHome2.cfm?techfile2=sudaanFAQ.cfm> . If
your question is not addressed in the FAQ section, please send a detailed
email of the problem to sudaan at rti.org.  

Please note:  Technical requests will be addressed in the order they are
received.  Turnaround time for a technical request is 48 business hours.  

The SUDAAN Statistical Software Center at RTI is committed to serving your
SUDAAN support needs.  Thank you again for contacting us.  We will assist
you promptly!

The SUDAAN Statistical Software Team

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