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Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at Binghamton University. 

This is an automated response that answers some of our most frequently asked
If your question is NOT answered here, we invite you to visit our website at
or you may contact us at gradsch at binghamton.edu, which will prompt a
personalized response. 
If you have already filed a graduate application with Binghamton University,
please supply your Program ID # with all future correspondence.
(If you reply directly to this email you will receive a second copy of this
automated response.)


8. GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL scores



If you wrote to request an application, you may either 
		*	apply on-line (the fastest, less expensive, and the
preferred method) , or
		*      download and print a complete application (in PDF
To apply on line, visit our website at:
(Under the "Prospective Students" select "Admissions")

If you prefer to submit a paper version of our application, you may print
the application at:

(The PDF file contains the complete application packet)

Please note that the fee for submitting an electronic application is $55.
The fee for submitting a paper application is $70.

The on-line application form takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. Once we
receive your completed application (paper or electronic) and all necessary
supplemental materials (including application fee, letters of
recommendation, personal statement, test scores, and transcripts), your
application will be forwarded to the appropriate academic program. We should
note that  processing time is faster for on line applications, thus speeding
up the delivery of your application to your prospective program. 

As soon as the program makes a decision, the Graduate School will notify
you; at that time you will also be provided with a special PROGRAM ID CODE
that will allow you to check the status of your application on line
throughout the application process. 

Please note:  The Graduate School is currently revising the application and
considering the costs-effectiveness of its use. Thus, we are not currently
able to mail paper applications to prospective applicants.


Application deadlines vary by department; when completing the on-line
application, the department deadline is provided to you. The dates below are
to be used as a general guideline and may not be the actual deadline for
your program of interest.

International applicants (with or without funding consideration):  January
US citizens or permanent resident applicants:
	* with consideration for departmental funding: January 15-February 1

International applicants:  October 1
US citizens or permanent resident applicants:  October 15

Please note that some programs do not offer admission for the spring, while
others have spring admission but without departmental funding. This
information is provided to applicants when they start the on-line
application. If you decide not to use the on-line application, please check
with the prospective program to determine their deadlines.


The fee for on-line applications is $55/program. The fee for paper
applications is $70/program. 

An application fee must be paid by ALL applicants. 

We welcome checks, payable to "Binghamton University Graduate Admissions",
or charge-card authorization for either VISA or MasterCard. Please DO NOT
send cash.  If you are paying by credit card, send us the fee payment form
or a letter, making sure to include:

        * Name of credit card holder
        * Type of credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
        * Credit card number
        * Expiration date

Also make sure that the fee payment form includes the name of the applicant,
along with birthdate and address.

As a public institution supported by the State of New York, we are required
to charge an application fee for every applicant; despite our understanding
of the financial hardship that the application fee causes for some
applicants, we cannot make exceptions. (However, former [U.S. citizens] EOP,
HEOP, or SEEK students may obtain a fee waiver form from their undergraduate


Admissions decisions are made by individual academic departments. The
Graduate School will promptly notify all applicants of the decision by
letter and email. The Graduate School cannot provide applicants with the
decision by phone. The length of time that passes between submittal of the
application and the decision varies by department. We understand the urgency
applicants feel as they await admission decisions. The Graduate School
attempts to process applications and forward them to the appropriate
department promptly in order to decrease the waiting.


If you use the on-line application, you will be provided (via email) with a
Program ID #. That code can be used to check the status of your application


This site can be used to confirm the completeness of your application or
find out if a decision has been made.


If you have been admitted but now find that you will be unable to attend in
the semester for which you originally applied, you may request a deferral of
your admission to a future semester. All applicants are entitled to one FREE
admission deferral. Requests for deferral must be received any time before
the last day of classes during the semester in which an applicant was
admitted. We are unable to process requests for deferrals received after the
last day of classes of the semester of admission; in such cases, it will be
necessary to reapply.

To defer your admission, simply send an email message to
gradsch at binghamton.edu (indicate "ADMISSION DEFERRAL" in the SUBJECT LINE). 
Please provide us with
	* your full name,
	* your Program ID #
	* program applied, and
	* semester in which you plan to start your graduate studies. 

Your deferred admission status will be confirmed by both email and etter.

While there is no charge for this service the first time a deferral is
requested, second and subsequent deferral requests require payment of the
application fee.


Binghamton University offers a number of assistantships and fellowships to
all admitted graduate students, including international applicants. Over
1,000 full-time, degree-seeking graduate students at Binghamton University
receive some kind of funding each year. Graduate and teaching assistants are
provided by the various academic programs, research assistantships are
available through university grants, and adjunct lecture positions are
available for advanced graduate students. Fellowships or other miscellaneous
positions provide additional funding. 

The academic year stipends for Teaching and Graduate Assistants begin at
$8,100/year (higher in the sciences).  Research positions generally meet or
exceed this annual stipend. Graduate/teaching/and research assistants are
expected to work between 15 and 20 hours per week to earn the stipend.
Normally assistantship positions are accompanied by a full tuition
scholarship, valued at between $6,900 and $10,500 (depending on residency). 

These awards are assigned on a competitive basis. To apply for a graduate
assistantship, simply check the appropriate block on the application form.
Decisions regarding departmental funding are made by the individual graduate
program departments. Once a decision is made, admitted students are notified
by letter from the granting department.

In addition, student loans are available for full support or to supplement
TA/GA/RA appointments. Domestic students can obtain information on federal
loans from the Office of Financial Aid (http://bingfa.binghamton.edu).
International students may be eligible for alternative loans; Binghamton
partners with CitiBank to provide these funding options. International
students can obtain more information at www.studentloan.com.

8. GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL Scores

You will need to submit test scores for either GRE (all programs except
Music, Master of Public Administration, Master of Arts in Social Science) or
GMAT (School of Management). In order to expedite the process, we will
welcome your application packet even without the GRE or GMAT scores,
provided you make them available to us as soon as you can. It is important
that you are aware that we cannot authorize your admission to Binghamton
University until we receive your official GRE or GMAT scores.

If you are an international student, you must also submit TOEFL scores.
Exceptions are: 
	a) noncitizens from English-speaking countries, or
	b) applicants who have a college degree from an English-speaking

Please specify CODE 2535 to have your scores sent to Binghamton University.

For additional information about these tests, you can visit the following

GRE:    http://www.gre.org
GMAT: 	http://www.gmac.com
TOEFL:  http://www.toefl.org


Some very specific questions will be better answered by the particular
academic department to which you intend to apply. Graduate program staff
will be able to provide you with information regarding current research
projects, faculty, and particular departmental policies. 

To obtain an e-mail directory, please send us a blank e-mail message to
gradsch at binghamton.edu with the phrase E-MAIL DIRECTORY on the subject line.
Shortly thereafter you will receive an automatic reply with the e-mail
addresses of academic departments, plus instructions on how to contact staff
and faculty at Binghamton University.

Note: Our website provides a useful search engine that you can use to find
the e-mail addresses of faculty, staff, and students in both undergraduate
and graduate programs at Binghamton University. To use it, point your
browser to the following URL:


If you still have questions that have not been answered in this message,
please visit The Graduate School at the following URL:



send us an email to gradsch at binghamton.edu

Also, you can find a wealth of information at Binghamton University's
homepage, at the following URL:


Once again, we appreciate your interest in Binghamton University.


The Graduate School


Our Mailing Address:

	The Graduate School (AD 134)
	Binghamton University
	PO Box 6000
	Binghamton, NY 13902-6000  USA

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