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A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Sun Jan 18 21:17:43 MET 2004

Bugzilla is a pain-in-the-arse to maintain, unless they've improved it
in the last 9 months.  Just my two cents...


Fernando Henrique Ferraz <feferraz at ime.usp.br> writes:

> Frank E Harrell Jr writes:
>> Let me add to the wish list the creation of some mechanism to better track
>> improvements and bug fixes in packages, such as a change log link by each
>> package's area in CRAN, or easy access to CVS information from there. 
>> When I report bugs (e.g., in read.xport in foreign [due somewhat to
>> problems inherent with SAS's format] or ace or avas in acepack) it would
>> be nice to see some announcement when the bugs are resolved, or to easily
>> track this.  Even a checkbox that the package maintainer has seen the bug
>> report even if she/he currently does not have time to work on it would be
>> very helpful, as would a notation that the bug report was found to be
>> "buggy".
> 	I highly agree with you on this. It would be very nice having a fully
> featured bug reporting system, where you could upload patches, discuss
> improvements on existing packages or on the R-core itself, request for
> features and so on. I think that Bugzilla (www.bugzilla.org) would suit
> these expectations very well. It is the bug tracking system used by huge
> projects like Mozilla (bugzilla.mozilla.org), Gentoo (bugs.gentoo.org),
> and  Redhat (bugzilla.redhat.com), and based on my own experience I'd say
> it addresses most of the things you pointed out.
> 	It works (at least in Gentoo, which is the one I'm more used to
> working with) like this: someone files in a bug report. In the bug report
> itself one informs the type of the bug report (a bug, a feature improvement, a
> request to the developer), the severity, and any other relevant information. It
> is also possible to upload attachments (like proposed patches) or additional
> information on the report.
> 	The bug report then is assigned to a given group or, in the case of
> packages to the person who is in charge for mantaining it. Anyone then can read
> the bug report and make suggestions or propose fixes (see for example:
> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30784 ). [As opposed to the current
> system, where the bug report can't even be linked to a website, and all the
> discussion should be done via the mailing lists]. The maintainer or any
> other other authorized developer can then accept or reject the proposed
> suggestions, close the bug as duplicate, as invalid or at least inform that
> he is aware of the problem and will work on it some time later.
> 	Just my two cents,
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