[Rd] return() undocumented (PR#6424)

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Sat Jan 10 16:32:20 MET 2004

Scot at wilcoxon.org wrote:

> Full_Name: Scot Wilcoxon
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> return() is not documented.

No, it is documented: on the same help page as function()!
Try ?return.

> It should also be mentioned in the R Reference section for function().
> Apparently the last result of a function is the return value from a function,
> except when the function is terminated with a return() with an argument.

See the "Details" Section of ?return.

Also, there s no "Reference" Section, but a "References" Section for 
citing articles and books (not help pages), and a "See Also" Section for 
citing help pages, but it doesn't make sense to cite the help page itself.

Uwe Ligges

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