[Rd] non-generic functions

Max_Kuhn at bd.com Max_Kuhn at bd.com
Mon Jan 5 16:07:26 MET 2004


I'm writing some code that will eventually see its way to a package (I
hope). I've noticed that some functions are not set up using generic
methods (while similar functions are). For example, mean is a generic
method but var is not. Other operations that I've come across that could
benefit from being generic are: qqplot, cor, cov, optimize/optimise.

For example, if one were developing a control charting package, it be great
to simply use sd(object), where object is of course the appropriate class,
to get the standard deviation of the process as estimated be the charting
method. Similarly, a DOE package might include optimize(object) to find the
optimal operating conditions based on the data and specifications in

Just a thought,


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