[Rd] help with Rcmd check

Whit Armstrong Whit.Armstrong at tudor.com
Wed Dec 29 16:32:47 CET 2004

I've been working on a package that requires a shared library to be loaded.
I have used the NAMESPACE file to load the library according to: 

my shared library is "excelpoi.so" hence I have added "useDynLib(excelpoi)"
to my NAMESPACE file.

Prior to this change, my package was passing Rcmd check with no errors or
warnings.  After this change, I get 5 warnings:

whita$grep 'WARN' /home/whita/dvl/excelpoi.Rcheck/00check.log
* checking S3 generic/method consistency ... WARNING
* checking replacement functions ... WARNING
* checking foreign function calls ... WARNING
* checking for missing documentation entries ... WARNING
* checking for code/documentation mismatches ... WARNING

Can anyone suggest a fix to those warnings.  My package only has one
function in it which has nothing to do with replacement and has no S3
methods.  Here it is (from file excelpoi/R/excelpoi.R):

write.xls <- function(x,filename,sheetName,writeColNms=T,writeRowNms=T) {
  if(missing(sheetName) && typeof(x)=="list") sheetName <- NULL

Thanks in advance,

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