[Rd] Print()ing Latin 1 in console (PR#7452)

arnima at u.washington.edu arnima at u.washington.edu
Tue Dec 28 02:04:04 CET 2004

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Latin 1 characters are handled correctly by many R functions, but print() 
behaves unpredictably in this respect. Using ten Icelandic characters as 
an example:

  ICE <- c("Á", "Ð", "É", "Í", "Ó", "Ú", "Ý", "Þ", "Æ", "Ö")
  # or, in case of browser problems
  ICE <- c("\301", "\320", "\311", "\315", "\323",
           "\332", "\335", "\336", "\306", "\326")
  ice <- tolower(ICE)

  cat(ICE, "\n")        # correct
  cat(ice, "\n")        # correct
  ICE                   # some octal codes
  ice                   # some octal codes
  data.frame(ICE, ice)  # some octal codes

It would be preferable if the characters in that last data frame were 
human-readable. This bug was not present in R 1.9.0.


R 2.0.1 on WinXP

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