[Rd] wishlist -- names gives slotnames (PR#7410)

epurdom at stanford.edu epurdom at stanford.edu
Fri Dec 10 17:49:02 CET 2004

>Thank you for your thoughts,..
>   ``As with everything, use  str() ''

I agree that there is no substitute for str() for finding out about an 
object when you're stuck. But I always thought the idea was the user didn't 
need to know what the object was, the same basic functions gave some kind 
of reasonable result. So it's counterintuitive to have to learn/find new 
functions that, at least from the user's point of view, do the same thing.

>--- but you need at least R 2.0.0; your R 1.9.1 is too old for
>     this (and probably, in general for posting to R-bugs !)

I poked around on 2.0.1 and it seemed the same with regard to names(), 
though I hadn't noticed the new str() functionality for slots. Sorry for 
posting; I'll avoid it in the future.


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