[Rd] Typos in 'R Language Definition' 2.0.1 Draft 2004-11-15 (PR#7412)

mikek at cires.colorado.edu mikek at cires.colorado.edu
Fri Dec 10 17:08:10 CET 2004

Full_Name: Mike Kay
Version: 2.0.1
OS: Linux
Submission from: (NULL) (


Here are some typos/grammatical errors that I found while reading the doc.
referenced in the subject line. Hope this helps.


Page 4, first paragraph of 2.1.4:  'objects which they contain' -> 'objects
which contain'

Page 5, second paragraph of 2.1.10 'environment can be accesses' -> 'environment
can be accessed'

Page 13, second paragraph of 3.3.4 'There is one cases' -> 'There is one case'

Page 16, First line of 3.4.4 'of a general mechanisms for' -> 'of a general
mechanism for'
Further down in that section there's the line 'and so to' which I believe should
be 'and so too'

Page 17, section 3.5.1 'An assignment operation from command line' -> 'An
assignment operation from the command line'

Page 18, first paragraph of 3.5.3 'during the computation the the currently'  ->
'during the computation the currently'
Further down on the same page:

sys.call Get the call for the specified context <-- missing trailing period to
match all other sys.* entries

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