[Rd] Broken Korean Language in New vesrion of R 2.0.1 (PR#7411)

poisson at dreamwiz.com poisson at dreamwiz.com
Fri Dec 10 07:33:52 CET 2004

Full_Name: Yoon Dong Lee
Version: R 2.0.1
OS: Windows
Submission from: (NULL) (

Dear the manager;

Recently, I found a small but big new bug in R 2.0.1.
Korean Language is shown as broken in R Gui terminal.
R 1.9.1 had not the problem, but R 2.0.1 makes the 
problem. Korean is one of 2-byte character system, 
and is supported in Unicode (of 3 byte). I don't know
why new version of R makes new problem. 

Please fix this bug for all Korean using population, more 
than 1/60 of the world population.

If you need more detail report, please ask to me via e-mail.
If you let me know your address, I can send the pictures 
illustrating the bug.

Sincerely yours.


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