[Rd] RCmdr on Linux with R 2.0.0 over VNC can't use GLX

Bob Kinney bkinney at hmdc.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 2 16:06:56 CET 2004


I'm a admin over at Harvard University and I have quite a few users that
use R predominately over VNC.  In the past this has not been an issue,
but after upgrading to R 2.0.0 they can no longer use RCmdr over VNC. 
When trying to use the package, they see the following:

> library("Rcmdr")
Loading required package: tcltk
Loading required package: zoo
Loading required package: strucchange
Loading required package: sandwich
Loading required package: rgl
RGL: GLX extension missing on server
Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) :
        error rgl_init
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The same commands work fine when using a non-VNC display.  Is it at all
possible to modify RCmdr to not use GLX when it is unavailable?


Earl (Bob) Kinney
Unix Systems Administrator
Harvard-MIT Data Center

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