[Rd] \link{} to help pages in Debian

Iago Mosqueira imosqueira at suk.azti.es
Wed Dec 1 10:02:50 CET 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 07:38, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> That's guaranteed by the R install scripts, just by following `Writing R 
> Extensions'.  *If* it is not working for you, you are doing something 
> which you are not telling us.

Well, I am simply following as much as my, probably limited,
understanding allows. I am using a stock Debian install, r-base and
other packages from debian, and extra packages from CRAN. My package
follows, as far as I can tell, the manual. If I am doing something else
I am not conscious of it.

> Ah, but that is not what you actually said (an example of the lack of 
> clarity).

At least that´s what I tried to do. 

> I still don't know if you are imagining that there might be a problem that 
> you want to write a package to avoid, or that you have a current problem. 

I´ll rather use my imagination for something else. This is a problem
with my own package, that in fact passes R CMD check.

> If the latter, please start again with the full details: which packages, 
> the commands you used to install them, what happens and what the links in 
> the html file concerned are.

Here we go: The package concerned is my own, which passes check fine. I
include \code{\link{plot.default}} in a help page. After R CMD INSTALL
this page gets installed in

and when clicking on the plot.default link, it points to


 instead of


where in fact lives.

Both locations appear with .libPaths().

Any other information that can be of help?


Iago Mosqueira

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