[Rd] Embedding R in C++

Zed A. Shaw zedshaw@zedshaw.com
Fri Jan 31 09:22:03 2003

Hi Folks,

Alright, so I'm figuring out how to embed from the various docs and 
other nuggets of hidden information, and I've managed to get a nice 
little C++ framework going which is supposed to make working with R 
embedded stuff much easier.  The problem is, R likes to define things 
that other libraries also like to define.  For example, the libg++-v3 
library has a macro called length, and so does R.  This causes ALL 
iostream uses to fail.  R also defines PI, which is defined in another 
toolkit.  We also use a set of debugging macros named TRACE, 
UNIMPLEMENTED, and so on, but we can work around those problems.

The work around to the iostream problem is to order the includes so 
that C++ stuff comes before R stuff.  This works in most cases, but 
some don't (like with PI, TRACE, and UNIMPLEMENTED).

Has anyone else run into these kinds of problems mixing R with C++?  
I'm curious how you worked around it.  Thanks in advance.

Zed A. Shaw