[Rd] Typo in ?Startup documentation

Roger Peng rpeng@stat.ucla.edu
Tue Jan 21 03:15:04 2003

Thers's appears to be a typo in the help page for Startup.  I
believe the following paragraph

     A function `.First' (and `.Last') can be defined in appropriate
     `.Rprofile' or `Rprofile.site' files or have been saved in
     `.RData'.  If you want a different set of packages than `methods'
     and `ctest' when you start, insert a call to `options' in the
     `.Rprofile' or `Rprofile.site' file.  For example,
     `options(defaultPakages = character())' will attach no extra
     packages on startup.

should have `options(defaultPackages = character())'

> version
platform i686-pc-linux-gnu           
arch     i686                        
os       linux-gnu                   
system   i686, linux-gnu             
status   Under development (unstable)
major    1                           
minor    7.0                         
year     2003                        
month    01                          
day      20                          
language R                           

UCLA Department of Statistics